Soka Gakkai's Deviations Clear to All

"Dedicated to those Soka Gakkai Members who wish to know the truth"

The Truth about the Object of Worship Forged by Soka Gakkai


It only looks like a real Gohonzon!

Because Soka Gakkai was excommunicated by Nichiren Shoshu and can no longer receive the Gohonzon from the Priesthood, Soka Gakkai has, since 1993, been issuing its own object of worship. The Soka Gakkai's object of worship is a "forged replica honzon" of an original Gohonzon transcribed by 26th High Priest Nichikan Shonin. The image of the original was altered according to the Soka Gakkai's needs and then massively reproduced.

Since the appearance of the fake object of worship is similar to that of a true Nichiren Shoshu Gohonzon, there are many Soka Gakkai members who are unaware it is a fraud. Deceived by their Gakkai leaders who urged, "Let's replace your old Gohonzon with a new one," millions of Gakkai members were persuaded to replace their true Gohonzon with the counterfeit imitation.

Virtually all of the authentic Gohonzons confiscated by the Gakkai have been mistreated without a single one being returned to the priesthood. Those who have committed such grave slander will not live out their lives free of severe consequences. In the upper right portion of the Gohonzon it states, "One who in confusion disregards this (Gohonzon), will have his head broken into seven pieces." So naturally, a person who relinquishes his precious Gohonzon, allowing it to be abused and then enshrines a demonic counterfeit object of worship will never fail to have his head broken into seven pieces and descend into Hell. In Japan, several million true Gohonzons were destroyed by the Soka Gakkai and several million imitation honzons were distributed. As a result, Japan has been transformed into the land of gravest slander. Due to punishment from the Buddha, the three perils and seven disasters are rampant including frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, extreme economic recession and the proliferation of heinous crimes.

Once again, the reasons why the Gakkai's object of worship is counterfeit are:

  1. High Priest Nichikan Shonin was the 26th High Priest of Nichiren Shoshu, Taisekiji. He was neither a President of Soka Gakkai nor a chief priest of Nichiren Shoshu who quit the priesthood. Nevertheless, without permission from the head temple of Nichiren Shoshu, Soka Gakkai exploited the Gohonzon transcribed by Nichikan Shonin. This is an act of "stealing the Law" and therefore the Gakkai's object of worship is a "stolen honzon."
  2. Prayer for the opening of the eye must be made to the Gohonzon through the transmission of the Heritage of the Law entrusted to only one person. Without it, a Gohonzon cannot be connected to the Heritage of the Law flowing from the Dai-Gohonzon of the High Sanctuary of True Buddhism. The Gakkai claims, "The opening of the eye is not necessary." If that is true, then anyone is free to make copies of the Gohonzon and to produce as many Gohonzons as they wish. Would you knowingly worship a "copy honzon" without the opening of the eye?
  3. Nichikan Shonin's original Gohonzon bears the name of the person upon whom the Gohonzon was bestowed, "Daigyo Ajari Honshobo Nissho of Honmyozan Joenji in Ogusurimura, Shimotsuke Province." However the Gakkai took the liberty of eliminating the recipient's name from their replica and concealed this omission by widening and lengthening the central inscription's characters and altering the characters of The Four Heavenly Kings", etc. Clearly, the result is nothing but a forgery.

From the points mentioned above, we can see that the Soka Gakkai has produced a slanderous "fake honzon." If you replaced your Gohonzon with the forged one without realizing all this, please never again place your palms together in front of the counterfeit honzon. Instead, waste no time in eradicating your slander by either disposing of the honzon yourself or bringing it to the temple. At the same time, in order to expiate the evil karma that you have accumulated by treating your real Gohonzon in a slanderous manner, it is vital that you re-convert and commit yourself to Nichiren Shoshu with firm resolution.

Shown on the left is the Gohonzon transcribed by High Priest Nichikan Shonin. The image on the right shows the alterations incorporated into the forged honzon produced by Soka Gakkai.
1. Indicates the area where the name of the person upon whom the Gohonzon was bestowed by Nichikan Shonin was eliminated.
2. Shows where the end of the Sanskrit letter was extended downward.
3. Shows where "Kyo" of the Daimoku was extended downward and widened.
4. Shows an alteration of the character, "Ten" (Heaven) of Dai-zochotenno making the tip of the character thicker.