Soka Gakkai's Deviations Clear to All

"Dedicated to those Soka Gakkai Members who wish to know the truth"

Excerpts from White Paper:
Soka Gakkai and Komei Party Criminals

It's Incredible Because… This is Just the Tip of the Iceberg!

According to the Gosho, "As Buddhism declines, society descends into chaos. Buddhism is likened to a person's body while society is like its shadow. If the body is bent, so is its shadow." It is only natural for the Soka Gakkai members to manifest the actual proof of "the shadow being bent" since they have learned the wrong way to practice in the Soka Gakkai where the Law of Buddhism has been thoroughly twisted.

To reveal the truth of the Soka Gakkai, we share with you some of the crimes, from the oldest to the most recent, committed by Soka Gakkai members, in hopes that other Gakkai members will not repeat the same mistakes.

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