Soka Gakkai's Deviations Clear to All

"Dedicated to those Soka Gakkai Members who wish to know the truth"

Soka Gakkai: Chronic Honzon Counterfeiter


Even Omamori Gohonzon was Enlarged and Engraved!

Soka Gakkai is currently counterfeiting and distributing fake honzons. Their excuse for this is that since they have been excommunicated from Nichiren Shoshu and can no longer receive the Gohonzon, they are left with no choice but to create their own forged honzons. They say it is, therefore, Nichiren Shoshu who should be blamed. Soka Gakkai's logic is distorted and self-serving.

This current case, however, is not the first time the Soka Gakkai has forged honzons. According to recent investigations, it has been discovered that as early as December 1973, a wooden honzon had already been forged and enshrined on the seventh floor of the culture center in Shinanomachi, Tokyo. Later, in 1977, forged wooden honzons were created one after another and enshrined at Soka Gakkai facilities in various locations. In other words, Soka Gakkai led by Ikeda, has turned out to be a habitual offender in the forgery of honzons! Soka Gakkai attempts to deny this saying, "Permission was granted from High Priest Nittatsu Shonin. All we did was engrave the Gohonzons into wood to make wooden Gohonzons since paper Joju Gohonzons were becoming worn out." But at that time, Nittasu Shonin clarified, "The [wooden] honzons which were made without my approval, have been confiscated from Soka Gakkai and I have admonished them." (Dai-nichiren, July 1979 issue) Accordingly, seven forged honzons were turned over to the Head Temple (it had been discovered that at least seven wooden honzons had been secretly manufactured without permission). Because the Soka Gakkai leadership apologized for their misdeeds, Nichiren Shoshu, showing great mercy, decided to once again compassionately watch over the Gakkai.

However, fifteen years later, in 1993, Soka Gakkai again put their hands to the creation of forged honzons. Having already committed the appallingly corrupt act of producing fake wooden honzons, they apparently had no compunctions about mass-producing counterfeit paper honzons.

The Soka Gakkai has proven itself to be an organization hopelessly mired in a swamp of deceit and slander. Among the wooden honzons forged by Soka Gakkai one outrageous example is shown here.

The picture is of a forged wooden honzon enshrined by Ikeda himself (at the time third president of Soka Gakkai) at Makiguchi Memorial Hall located at the Tohoku General Training Center in Japan. The honzon Ikeda enshrined was the replica of the Omamori Gohonzon (of course, paper), personally bestowed upon him by 64th High Priest Nissho Shonin on May 3rd, 1951. The fake honzon was produced by photographing the Omamori Gohonzon, enlarging the image then having it engraved into wood -all without the permission of the head temple.
Pictured is the forged wooden honzon copied and enlarged from Ikeda's Omamori Gohonzon.  

So why is this a problem? To start with, Omamori Gohonzon is meant to be carried with and protected by the believer upon whom it is bestowed as was stated by Nichiren Daishonin in His Gosho, "The Omamori Gohonzon I bestowed on you the other day should not leave your hands even for a moment and should be carried with you at all times."

An Omamori Gohonzon is not for the purpose of being enshrined and chanted to by everyone, let alone enlarged and made into a wooden honzon. Daisaku Ikeda explained his reason for enshrining the forged honzon as follows: "I would like to securely protect the Tohoku region. But since I cannot find time to visit here myself, I want to keep it enshrined at this training center. I have brought this small Gohonzon with me with a desire to protect you all by enshrining it as long as the Soka Gakkai organization in Tohoku lasts" (October 27th, 1976). In this statement he is claiming to securely protect the Tohoku region by enshrining the forged honzon as a substitute for himself. In other words, Ikeda regarded himself as someone equal to the Gohonzon. Do you, Soka Gakkai members, still insist that "Ikeda Sensei" has made no mistake?