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Refutation of the “Zen Sect Grave” Charge about which Soka Gakkai is Still Carrying On


President Toda Also Said “No Problem” Based On the “Kegisho”

The Soka Gakkai is making a big fuss about High Priest Nikken Shonin, claiming, "Nikken (Shonin) has set up his parents' grave in the premises of a Zen Sect Temple graveyard (Hakusan-ji Temple in Fukushima Prefecture). He even secretly performed an eye-opening ceremony. It is a slander!"

Nikken Shonin’s parents’ grave
is at Head Temple Taisekiji.


Abe family (Nikken Shonin’s relatives) grave in Fukushima Prefecture which Soka Gakkai has made a big fuss about.


The Gakkai claim is a completely false and baseless charge with absolutely no merit. To begin with, High Priest Nikken Shonin's parents, the Abe's, have a grave nowhere other than at Head Temple Taisekiji. The Abe family residence in Fukushima Prefecture, which the Soka Gakkai refers to, is the house where Nikken Shonin's father, 60th High Priest Nichikai Shonin, was born. The current head of the Abe household in Fukushima is Mr. Kenzo Abe (a Hokkeko believer). These Abe's of Fukushima are Nikken Shonin's relatives.

The Soka Gakkai says that according to the registry, the Abe family grave in Fukushima prefecture is built in the graveyard owned by Hakusanji-temple. They claim that it is a slander for Nikken Shonin to visit such a graveyard and conduct the ceremony to open the eye of the Daimoku characters carved into the tombstone. In point of fact, however, the High Priest's actions are not even remotely slanderous.

First of all, as second Soka Gakkai president, Mr. Josei Toda, stated regarding Nichiren Shoshu believers' having graves in graveyards managed by other religious organizations: "This is not slanderous, I believe. Suppose you have a grave in the premises of a heretical temple. You might think it would be wrong to bring money to the heretical monk. However, I think it is alright to do so… I have been renting a piece of land from a temple called Zuisho-ji and I have been paying rent for it. Likewise, what's wrong with you paying for a grave you are renting? If Nichiren Shoshu believers bring a lot of money (to erroneous temples), they will receive the money. The more graves of Nichiren Shoshu believers there are, the less likely it is that they will interfere .

This is called ‘Shoju.’ You will also go to the grave to clean up and give money to them. I don't think that will be a slander.” ("Complete Works of Josei Toda" Volume II.) President Toda's logic is crystal clear. It is not slanderous to rent a piece of land and pay for it.

As for performing services and ceremonies of Nichiren Shoshu within the precincts of heretical temples, 9th High Priest Nichiu Shonin stated in "Kegisho" as follows: "Even if it is in the premises of temples of the Zen or Nembutsu sects, if the chief mourner is a believer of the Lotus Sutra, [Nichiren Shoshu priests]should agree to conduct Buddhist services." (Seiten page 989) In light of this particular article of “Kegisho”, at the request of Mr. Kenzo Abe who is truly a believer of Hokkeko, the eye-opening ceremony was performed. Even though it was carried out within the precincts of a graveyard managed by a heretical temple, it is clear that there is no problem whatsoever.

You, Gakkai member, if you still want to find fault with the High Priest, you should first find out where Ikeda "Sensei," whom you worship as your mentor, has his parents' grave. You should vigorously pursue this matter because, in Tokyo, Ohta Ward, there is a temple of the Shingon sect called "Hachimanyama Mitsugon-in". Believe it or not, Ikeda "Sensei's" parents' grave is located in the graveyard of this Shingon temple, Mitsugon-in! Naturally, since it is a true grave belonging to Ikeda "Sensei's" parents, under this grave's marker, the remains of Ikeda's father, Mr. Shinokichi Ikeda, must be resting. In the Soka Gakkai organization, are you still saying the Ikeda grave is not a problem, yet the Abe's grave in Fukushima is the gravest slander?