Soka Gakkai's Deviations Clear to All

"Dedicated to those Soka Gakkai Members who wish to know the truth"

In March 2000, the Wife of Mr. Josei Toda, Mrs. Iku Toda, Passed Away. The Funeral Was Conducted by Nichiren Shoshu.


Even One Week After Her Passing, She Displayed the Dignified Countenance of Someone Who Has Attained Buddhahood.

On March 6th, 2000, the wife of second Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda, Mrs. Iku Toda, passed away. She died at the age of 89.

Her posthumous Buddhist name was "Shoju'in Myogo Nisso Daishi", a posthumous Buddhist name containing "Nichi" given by High Priest Nikken Shonin.

Upon receiving the news of Mrs. Toda's passing, Soka Gakkai sent two top leaders to the Toda's residence to beg that the funeral not be performed by Nichiren Shoshu. Their attempt was rejected by Mr. Toda's eldest son, Mr. Takahisa Toda and as originally planned, the funeral service was conducted by Nichiren Shoshu. According to people who are in close contact with the Toda's, Mr. Takahisa Toda explained, "The Toda's are Nichiren Shoshu believers so it is natural to hold a funeral service in Nichiren Shoshu." He continued, "Whenever father (Mr. Toda) had an audience with a High Priest, he would keep his head down to the floor with his palms together, never lifting his face up. His attitude made me realize how respect worthy the High Priest is." He further stated, "Since I grew up observing my father acting in such a manner, no matter what happens I could never consider rebelling against the Head Temple, Taisekiji."

The Toda family, which has inherited sincere faith from Mr. Toda, is keenly aware of the fact that they are Nichiren Shoshu believers belonging to Jozaiji temple. Based on that awareness, they requested Jozaiji temple to carry out President Toda's funeral in April 1958 and every year since, on April 2nd, the anniversary of Mr. Toda's death, a priest from Jozaiji temple visits the Toda family in Meguro, Tokyo, in order to hold a memorial service (Tsuizenkuyo) and offer the recitation of the sutra and Daimoku for the deceased.

The prime reason Mrs. Toda's funeral service was conducted by Nichiren Shoshu was because of Mrs. Toda's own strong request made while she was still alive. After her death, the text of a taped conversation between Mrs. Toda and an acquaintance was introduced in a weekly magazine expressing her frank feelings regarding the Ikeda Soka Gakkai.

Man: Mr. Ikeda is a bad guy, a very wicked villain. He is only out for money.
Mrs. Toda: It is better to leave him alone. (You) should not be too serious. You will see someday. You will know (the truth) without fail.
Man: He will be punished. He will receive punishment since he has been against the Gohonzon.
Mrs. Toda: He has been already punished. He lost one of his children.
Man: I regard Daisaku Ikeda a terrible villain.
Mrs. Toda: Everyone may be thinking that way, too.

At the funeral, what the participants saw in saying good-bye to the deceased was her remarkable appearance of having attained Buddhahood; even one week after her death, she was resting in peace looking the same as when she was alive.

Daisaku Ikeda was rude enough to be absent from the funeral for the wife of the 2nd President of Soka Gakkai. Thirty top leaders of Soka Gakkai took part in the funeral including Einosuke Akiya, Satoru Izumi and Yasu Kashiwabara who, led by Rev. Hosoi, were chanting and putting their palms together towards the special funeral Gohonzon of Nichiren Shoshu.