Soka Gakkai's Deviations Clear to All

"Dedicated to those Soka Gakkai Members who wish to know the truth"

Refreshing Head Temple Surrounded by Luxuriant Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom Even More Magnificent Than When the Gakkai Used To Come on Tozan


Ever since 1991 when the Soka Gakkai rebelled against Nichiren Shoshu and stopped going on tozan, the Gakkai leaders have cunningly lied to their members in order to erase the fond memories and sincere yearning they once had for Head Temple Taisekiji. Ikeda's spokesmen spread false stories such as "The Head Temple is overrun with weeds and in a state of ruin" or "The cherry trees have all been cut down!" in hopes of destroying any remaining seeking mind for what the members once called the "the Eternal Home of Faith."

By printing photos of the Head Temple, which show its pristine and serene atmosphere, this newspaper has repeatedly attempted to let the SGI members know that their leaders’ stories are lies.

The Head Temple in Spring with Cherry Trees in Full Bloom
(photographed in April 2000)

To our surprise, however, there seem to be a large number of Gakkai members in this country who are still brainwashed and sorrowfully lament that all the cherry trees at the Head Temple are gone and the buildings there have been left un-repaired and gone to ruin. The Gakkai members who have recently come back to Nichiren Shoshu have, one after another, rejoiced upon seeing with their own eyes the Head Temple's beauty and learning the truth of its splendid condition. Remember Gakkai members, the Head Temple is where the Dai-Gohonzon is enshrined and it will never fall into ruin!

Taisekiji is famous as a place of scenic beauty beloved by its local neighbors and enjoyed by tourists from throughout the region. In the month of May, young leaves burst forth and azalea plants bloom while in autumn, red and golden colored leaves present a pleasingly tranquil sight. Throughout the year the Head Temple, adorned in the colors of the seasons, envelops visitors in its vibrant and refreshing atmosphere.

The former "Grand Reception Hall," which presented a serious earthquake risk due to its disproportionately heavy concrete roof, has been demolished and in its place the new "Reception Hall" has been constructed in a traditional Japanese temple architectural style. This Reception Hall possesses more than just a beautiful appearance; it is constructed with the most advanced modern technology to enable it to withstand even large-scale earthquakes that could hit the Tokai region in the future. With the completion of this Reception Hall, the Head Temple has enhanced its refreshing atmosphere, more than ever, filling the hearts of visitors with calm serenity.

Many of the ex-Gakkai members who have returned to Nichiren Shoshu without losing their faith in the Dai-Gohonzon are saying, "The current Head Temple is finer and more beautiful than before." We sincerely hope that those Gakkai members from around the world who still maintain their faith in the Dai-Gohonzon, will at the earliest possible date, wake up, realize the truth and return to the Head Temple, the home of correct faith.