Shakyamuni made a prophecy that approximately 2000 years after his passing; an age called "the Latter day of the Law" would come. In that age, the world would be so chaotic and people's minds would be so impure that his teaching would lose its power to save people. But Shakyamuni also predicted that instead of himself, a person in the direction of "north east" from India would spread Myoho, the Supreme Law hidden in the depths of the Lotus Sutra: "Just as the Sun illuminates the darkness, this person will face great persecution only because he spreads the True teaching" (Lotus Sutra, Chapters 13, 14, 17 and 21). A medicine might work well for a patient with a slight disease, but it doesn't follow that the medicine works well for someone with a severe illness. Shakyamuni's Buddhism loses its power completely in "the Latter day of the law." But who would appear and how would he tell us of the Greatest Buddhism? People in this degenerate age can be saved, because Shakyamuni stated that the greatest Buddhism would appear in the Latter Day of the Law. There are detailed answers in the Lotus Sutra's Kanji (13th) chapter, Nyoraijinriki (21st) Chapter, Yakuobosatsuhonji (23rd) Chapter, and others.

Only Nichiren Daishonin, who was born in Japan in 1222, fulfilled Shakyamuni's prophecy in the Sutras by spreading the Lotus Sutra and facing all the persecutions described in the Sutras. In other words, Nichiren Daishonin is the only one who fits the description. So True Buddhism for the Latter Day of the Law (in which we now live) is taught by Nichiren Daishonin, who is the True Buddha for this time. And Nichiren Daishonin pointed out that all other denominations are confused about what to worship.