Naturally, most religions insist that theirs is the best one. However, it is quite another thing to conclude, after objective evaluation, that one's religion is the best. It is reasonable to say there's only one best religion, not two or three. Shakyamuni says: "There is only one law that shows us the truth, not two or three". (Lotus Sutra-Hoben Ch. 2) As I mentioned before, Buddhism is superior to other religions. The Lotus Sutra is superior to other Buddhism doctrines, and Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo is superior to Shakyamuni's Lotus Sutra.

Then one can recognize Nichiren Shoshu, which has been handing down this doctrine correctly, is the best and highest and most proper of all the various religions. All the other religions turn out to have an unreasonable teaching and object of worship. They should be called "false religions" because they obscure the existence of the correct religion and lead their believers to unhappiness through their incorrect objects of worship.

Almost all Religions say "The purpose of our religious group is world peace and making people happy"; this conforms to the current of the times. This is a proper purpose, and people who hear it will think, "Their sermons are splendid," without noticing the doctrine's inaccuracy. Besides, they'll say "Every religion has a good purpose, and you should not call it false. There are many paths to climb to the top of a mountain. You can take any route or you like, because you will finally reach the top. "But, no matter how wonderful the purpose is, if the means to an end is wrong, it's not possible to achieve the goal. Even though you want to climb a mountain, if you use a bad map, you will not only fail to reach the top but may also have an accident and die. The same may be said of religion.

Many kinds of sects preach moral platitudes like "Renounce worldly desires," "You should be thankful for any situation," and "You should always have peace of mind." Everybody has learned these things since childhood, but following this advice is almost impossible. Even if we try to renounce worldly desires, they will pop up again. If we force ourselves to ignore them, we could become a dissembler or a split personality. We need a powerful religion so that we can control even our desires for the sake of true happiness, not hypocritical talk. Almost all people who become believers in a false religion are cajoled hypocritically or deceived. They become drunk with rapture to discover a "new world" or obtain a small benefit in the beginning, but when they are pulled in, they are powerfully influenced by a false object of worship, and their life is gradually corrupted. Therefore, their normal common sense is paralyzed; they can't recognize unhappiness for what it is.

You may be unconcerned about the discussion above about the evil of false religion, because you have no particular faith. However, please think about this. First, from where was our body produced? It is from our parents. Even from a medical viewpoint, our body is not separate from those of our parents. Through heredity, we possess various features and attributes of our parents or other ancestors. Parents and children often have similar faces, characters, and blood types. Further, human beings are said to form the basis of their character by encountering and absorbing their parents' character from birth until age three. Therefore, we have inherited so much physically from parents and other relatives through heredity and mental through education during childhood. Moreover, it can be said that our lives are connected with those of our ancestors. And if our ancestor or parents believed false religions, the evil that deeply tainted their lives do not disappear with that generation, but flow on in future generations.