When we accept and believe in the Gohonzon, the great life of the Buddha nature will well up in the depth of our life. It is represented by the Four Virtues:

1. Eternity -Eternal freedom in life's activities.
2. Bliss -Absolute happiness (not relative, partial happiness).
3. Self -Perfect independence that won't be destroyed by others (not egocentric "I" but True Self').
4. Purity -Pure life that won't be poisoned physically or spiritually by anything.

Through these four virtues, we can get rid of the cause of suffering through Faith, Practice and Study of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. Specific instances of happiness described in Buddhist sutras include:

1. Becoming successful in business or work.
2. Increasing earnings and eliminating worries about standard of living.
3. Achieving a proper place in society.
4. Enjoying good physical health
5. Naturally being cured of serious illness and recovering entirely from minor illnesses.
6. Living a long life.
7. Changing irritability and a jealous nature into a wholesome character.

Financial, physical, and mental well being can all be achieved, and all troubles and suffering can be overcome. Some people may think that this is inconceivable or that a doctor is unnecessary if faith cures one's illness. However, just consider that we are the entire foundation of our lives. All acts -- working, associating with others-- are done by us. Natural healing properties within people can cure them of illness. If the Buddha nature in our selves is developed, it logically improves both our physical and spiritual conditions.

Therefore, those who believe in true Buddhism can solve any troubles or problems in life, and can fulfill their deepest wishes. "The four virtues" described above can transform the circumstances of life to provide relief and freedom, and an overflow of joy and vitality. The individual can develop a splendid character naturally. Such happy circumstances cannot be acquired by any means besides believing in true Buddhism. If you hear the experiences of people who practice true Buddhism, you may realize that the statements above are the truth. If you have any questions, ask someone who practices strongly. Why don't you practice true Buddhism with us. You will have positive results.