There are so many kinds of religions in the world and each religion has its own "Object of worship" to respect and believe as a basis for one's life. Differences among those religions come from objects of worship that each founder chose. For instance, Christianity regards Jesus Christ or God as its object of worship, Islam-Allah, Buddhism-Buddha, etc. Therefore each believer has faith in the object of worship. But we must consider one important problem: the influence of the object of worship on us. Once we get along with someone, we come to resemble our friends, and we mutually influence each other's way of thinking, habits, etc. In these cases, we are easily influenced even if we only befriend someone. Then what do you imagine if we not only develop a friendship but also respect someone or something a great deal? The more we respect them, the more we are influenced. Indeed, we have a natural tendency to be influenced by the outside world. And the more we believe, the more we are influenced. Therefore, if we don't believe or hate, we are scarcely influenced.

Religion is beyond mere respect. In case of religion, we not only respect but also pray. If we pray to the object of worship, we are influenced directly and greatly. It doesn't stay on the level of respecting a person, because when we believe completely, join our hands together and pray, at last the object of worship and we come to be united. This is a real principle of religion.

Which object of worship we select and have faith in is important for us. If you make bad friends, you may become an evildoer. The same thing is said in faith. We cannot say that every religion is reasonable. When you select a confused one, your personality or life also become thrown into confusion and unhappiness. Many people may think that every religion is good. But their life could depend on what object of worship they respect. If they select a mistaken object of worship, their life could be corrupted. When someone prays to an animal, he or she will have strange experiences. For example, if one's business becomes brisk, he can foretell danger, such as an earthquake, and in the beginning, this seems to be a good thing. But the person will develop animalistic characteristics and will eventually lose his human qualities. From ancient times, many mysterious occurrences like this have been reported all over the world.

Thus, the most important thing in religion is to select the best principle image. About 700 years ago, priests in Japan did not know which objects of worship in which to believe. At that time, Nichiren Daishonin, the greatest Buddha, appeared in Japan. He penetrated the essence of religion and said "The sects of Buddhism have gone astray concerning the objects of worship to believe. . . . We must believe the best object of worship." Showing us how to select the best objects of worship, he decided the best religion by means of religious judgment.

You will find large difference between Buddhism and other teachings. That is "cause and effect." Buddhism recognizes no doctrine which is unreasonable about cause and effect." But in other teachings, cause and effect is not clear, does not exist, or is ignored. There is no effect without cause, and there is no cause without effect; either it can be also said in science. Science is a subject which studies causes and effects in phenomenon we can catch through our five senses. In our daily life, we cannot recognize someone who ignores cause and effect as a sensible person. The same thing is said in religion. However inviting on the surface or mysterious the religion is, we can pay it no mind. The doctrine is not only against science but also ignores cause and effect. If you say "Everything was created by God," How do you answer the question? "Whom was God created by?" If you say "God was the first cause. Never was God created," it meant that the cause was lost, and cause and effects disappear.And there is another problem: Where did God exist before the world had been created. How could God exist without an environment? Moreover, in the supposed resurrection of Jesus Christ, how could the dead possibly come back from the grave? How could a virgin become pregnant? According to the Japanese religion, Tenri-kyo, human beings were created from a loach. Animals were created as a result of failure in creating human beings, according to Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan. Needless to say, these doctrines are all superstitions denying cause and effect.

Buddhism shows us the way to the real happy life, completely based on cause and effect Thus Buddhism is by far superior to other religions.